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Security Consolidation


  • Number of tools required to “secure” organization.
    • For some organizations, this numbers into hundreds
  • Amount of manpower needed to manage all tools
    • Need people to monitor/operate tools
    • Training for existing staff and/or hire specialists
  • Cost of all the tools
    • Acquisition cost
    • Deployment cost
    • Annual maintenance cost
    • Training cost
  • Integration/correlation of information between security tools
    • Consistency enforcement of policy between tools
    • Consistency of information provided by tools (logs)
    • Correlation of logs across security tools (SIEM)
  • Management Consolidation vs Function Consolidation
    • More security functionality managed from fewer places
  • Increased use of Cloud Infrastructure
    • Can be Private Cloud or Public Cloud
    • Rapid rate of change requires different deployment model for security
    • Automation required to retain cloud efficiency and reduce human error


  • Review entire architecture to look for protection gaps
  • Where possible extend existing tools to cover protection gaps
  • Manage more security functions from fewer management consoles
    • Vendor consolidation does not necessarily equal management


  • Consolidate security functions where appropriate to:
    • Increase consistency of enforcement throughout environment
    • Lower acquisition costs for suite versus “best of breed”
    • Lower operational effort/cost to maintain security infrastructure
    • Reduce need to be cross-trained on security tools
  • Automate and Orchestrate
    • Management should be scriptable/automatable using Open APIs
    • Information from cloud environments should integrate into physical

enforcement modules



  • Infrastructure is virtualizing
    • Private versus Public Cloud
  • Decrease in visibility
  • Increase in agility required
  • Increased complexity, particularly when managed manually
  • P
    • In Public Cloud or IaaS, enforcement with physical controls isn’t



  • Security



  • Users don’t want security on their devices


  • Protect the data on the device