Why not do a little Security Theater of my own?

Reading time ~1 minute

Recently, I was approached by a few people inside Check Point about doing a security-focused blog. I could have easily done this on phoneboy.com, though despite its history as being the definitive place to go for information related to Check Point FireWall-1 back in ye olden days, I decided to leave the current site as-is.

My goal here on phoneboy.net is to share my own insights about things going on in the computer and network security space. I've done that in the past on phoneboy.com, but my goal is to do it here with a singular focus. I will also leverage some of the brightest minds at Check Point to explain things that, quite frankly, I don't understand, and share that insight with you.

Just to be clear: I work for Check Point, and I will surely share Check Point-related things here, but this blog will be my own thoughts.

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