I've been a participating in the Check Point user community in various places for a long time now. Heck, I ran a Check Point community of my own for a while. It's not often the community gets a new place to congregate, so it's worthy of an announcement.

Presenting CPshared:  The Open Technical Forum for All Things Check Point. In the NG days, this was a base "package" in the Check Point suite that handled communication between management and modules. It was also called the SVN Foundation. This is where the name comes from, and I think it's an appropriate name.

CPshared was started by an ex-Check Point employee and a long-time member of the Check Point community. It is designed to be an alternate approach to information dissemination to more established forums like CPUG--a forum I kickstarted by donating my own content to in 2005. CPshared includes a blog (with contributions by others), a web-based forum, a Twitter account @cpshared, and a web-based chat system.

CPshared has been under private beta for the last few weeks with a number of other long-time members of the Check Point community, including a few Check Point employees. It was formally announced today. If you use Check Point products, give it a look and join the small, but growing community!

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